Thesis Talk: Internet Finds for Compiling FVCOM 3.2.X

My FVCOM compiling adventures continue. I experienced trouble compiling FVCOM 4.0 and aside from the manual accompanying the source files, there are only a few available resources on the web.

I found these blog entries which tackles the setup of FVCOM 3.2.X.

I decided to try to set it up following the blog entries.

Here are the blog posts from Estuarine and Coastal Environment – JUN SASAKI Lab :

1. Setup FVCOM 3.2 for serial run (2014-08-21)

2. Setup FVCOM3.2.1 for serial with gfortran on Ubuntu 14.04LTS (2014-12-06)

3. Setup FVCOM 3.2 for MPI run on oakleaf-fx10 (2014-08-24)

4.FVCOM 2.6.1 on HA8000@hakozaki using Intel compilers (2014-05-18)

5.GNU Compilers on FX10 for FVCOM (2014-02-06)

6. Compile FVCOM 3.1.6 serial on Scientific Linux 6.2 (2013-11-17)

7. FVCOM on FX10 (2013-06-09)

8. MPI run of FVCOM2.6.1 on (2013-05-11)

9. FVCOM2.6.1 serial compile and run on (2012-10-11)

10. FVCOM MPI Run with METIS Libraries on HA8000 (2010-11-13)

Let me know if these helps.

Peace out!

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